Turint Core

Turint Core system; domestic, Cyprus, cultural tours, international package tours and cruise tours consist of basic modules to manage your operations. Modules and integrations other than Turint Core can be added to the Turint Core system.


Domestic hotel, Cyprus hotels, cultural tours, abroad package tours, cruise tours, additional services, offline flight tickets, offline bus tickets, transfer sales screens you can manage all your sales. It is included in the standard Turint Core system. With the integrations, it is possible to sell air tickets and ferry tickets for many airline companies within the hotel sales module. By controlling all vouchers that occur at the time of sale, you can manage the active sales process by defining discounts and agency commission discounts.


The hotel consists of screens required to make the tour and other services available for sale and after-sales. User-friendly screens with fast and easy to use. From price creation to cost update operations, all your operational needs are met.


It allows you to quickly and accurately access many data including operation and after-sales services. You'll have access to reports that you may need for all sales types and modules. It provides accurate and fast results with various reports ranging from sales reports to name lists, payment details to daily general status. You can only authorize users to report the information they need.


It is the module used for user and branch identification, branch commissions and authorization of users. You can make some definitions via special screens required for the system and make some important changes on the reservation through these screens.


Customer and agency invoices, collection tracking and approval, virtual pos definitions, card installment and rate identification screens with the complete pre-accounting needs. Reduces your workload with integrations for formal accounting and e-billing transactions. With the integration of virtual POS and various payment systems, you can duplicate your payment options.

Virtual Poses

All banks in Turint Core have virtual pos integrations. Customers who call your call center using the customer payment page can make payments themselves.

Integrated banks:
Garanti Bankası Yapı Kredi İş Bankası Akbank Finansbank Denizbank Vakıfbank Halkbank Ziraat Bank Türk Ekonomi Bankası Hsbc

Hotel Bookform

The Turint Core has a hotel reservation window that you can use on your website.

Tour Bookform

The Turint Core has a tour reservation window that you can use on your website.

Xml Web Services

You can access all the products that you have defined on Turint and provided on your website with our XML web services.

Product Presentation Services

Services such as domestic hotels, Cyprus hotels, cultural tours, international package tours and cruise tours, price, picture, factsheet, tour program are available as XML services.

Hotel Reservation Services

Our XML services are available for domestic hotels and cyprus hotels.

Tour Reservation Services

You can check availability, reservation and collection of cultural tours, package tours and cruise tours.

Rapid Price Calculation

With the Quick Price Calculator service, you can quickly calculate the prices of all available room categories from a certain entry-exit date to all the premises of a region through your website. This service, which serves as XML service, is a service that needs to be used for meta engine integrations like Trivago and Neredekal.


With FIT module, you can make personal hotel reservation transactions and follow up, purchase, invoice and reporting of your non-contracted products with variable purchase-sale prices through the Turint system.


With the MICE module, you can follow up your offers about your activities and you can define the purchase and sale of the realized offers and the items of pen and make sales and profit reporting on project basis.


With the CRM module, you can report and categorize all your customers in Turint.


With the Markup module, you can change the sales price of a product on your website based on advertising channels or traffic sources. For example, a product with a price of 100 TL per night, if you come to your website from mobile advertising and traffic it costs 99 TL and you can make the reservation process at this price.


It is a campaign-oriented sales module where you can receive payments quickly with only customer name and contact information for certain date and room category in certain facilities in social platforms. Click-to-purchase or one-click sales process can be defined as.